"I see a lot of commercials on TV that tell people to get their cholesterol checked, but I just never thought it'd be a problem for me. But I went to go get checked out at the Cholesto-Lower Clinic, and found that my levels were way above average. They gave me information and advice on what dietary changes to make, gave me some medication, and I've lowered my levels by 15% in just over a month!"

Steve R.

"I took my dad to the Cholesto-Lower clinic after visiting their website, and it was so informative that I knew I had to help him take action. He got his cholesterol levels checked, and, as suspected, they were above average. I was a wreck with worry, but the doctors and specialists helped him out so much, and now I can finally stop worrying about him having a heart attack, because he's lost some weight, he's eating more healthy foods, and his cholesterol levels are back on track to where they should be."

Anna K.

"I never would have thought lowering cholesterol would be as easy as changing my diet! The doctors at the Cholesto-Lower Clinic really worked out a diet that I could follow, and I didn't even need to take any medication! I've lowered my cholesterol by 20% in three months, and I'm feeling great!"

Jody Q.

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At the Cholesto-Lower Clinic, we put our patients first and strive to provide the best, fastest, and most convenient cholesterol testing and everything else you need to get high, unhealthy cholesterol levels under control for good. Located in a convenient downtown area that is close to public transit, we are open seven days a week and can't wait to see you! We're now open seven days a week, and accept patients by appointment only, but offer several different ways to schedule an appointment. Give us a call or schedule an appointment via your personal email, and we'll get you on our schedule within 24 hours. We accept all major insurance companies, and provide payment plans that work for everyone on any budget or financial situation.

At Cholesto-Lower, we provide everything from efficient testing, follow-up testing, and general knowledge about cholesterol to making specialized diet plans for our patients. When you make an appointment with us, our specialists make it their job to know your diet, lifestyle, and goals so we can cater your treatment to you on a personalized level. You won't find generalizations here; we believe that all our patients should be treated as individuals, because it has been proved to be the most successful method of treatment.

With high cholesterol, a major facet toward lowering your levels has to do with diet, and as anyone who's ever been on a diet knows, they can be hard to stick with. Because we tailor your diet and treatment to you, we guarantee successful results as long as you're willing to stick with it. Don't let the threat of a heart attack shadow your brightest of days; we can fix your cholesterol levels and get you back to a healthier, happier you in just a few short weeks.

Many other clinics only see their patients once a month, but at the Cholesto-Lower clinic, we want to have an ongoing conversation with you about how things are going, so we can alter any changes in your original plan quickly, and you can feel confident by seeing results without any major period of interruption. Most of our patients visit us bi-monthly, but patients with more severe cholesterol levels may see us once a week. Our friendly and helpful staff will ensure that you get the best care, and feel just like you're at home when you're here with us. Our clinic also offers our long-term patients access to a special cafeteria where top-quality food is prepared for breakfast and lunch and access to our exercise room, in case you just don't have time to make it to the gym after your appointment. We have dieticians and personal trainers on our staff to answer any questions you might have, and look over every diet and exercise plan we give our patients before they even start their first day toward their new, healthy life.

We know there are many options out there for you when it comes to your healthcare, and we thank you for choosing our clinic.